Twelve Things

twelve things you may not know about me: 

1.  i am an introvert

2.  i am a suburban white chick with a zeal for greenness/wellness and a dash of bohemian on the side. i am an obsessive creative. ugh.

3.  i love good company, as long as they don’t exhaust me

4.  i love to be alone yet often feel lonely

5.  i am an exhibitionist – not in a perv way, but in a crave attention way. and i am good with that.  there i said it

6.  i am insatiable sexually,  me thinks that this is really a deep need for cherish and tenderness, well… and perhaps a need for love/lust/want for sex.

7.  i was celibate for over 2 years in recent times

8.  my first marriage could be described as years of celibacy

9.  i loathe advertising, the in your face television/radio/ internet kind, the noise and chatter of it literally makes me twitch – yet i appreciate the cleverness, creativity and brilliance of bringing a brand to market.

10.  the current man in my life uses more paper towels than anyone i have ever seen. i use none. perhaps you can imagine the contrast.

11.  you will find bits of blue, my very favorite color everywhere in my home, except dentist baby blue.  ick

12. i am going for the befuddled of the year award.

care to play??  share your 12 things in the comments here.  i’d love to know more about who you are.

below two versions of the same image. i love the drama of this shot. it’s one of two favorites from this set.

untitled-1-23 untitled-1-24




2 thoughts on “Twelve Things

  1. I will play along but this required thought. I’m not one to come up with this stuff easily.
    In a strange way I think you numbers 1,4, 5 & 6 are all interconnected. Maybe 1 not as much as the others but I still think it fits, at least in my way of thinking.
    To number 5 and “there I said it” congratulations that’s a big step.

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