Played A Little

the main living space had walls painted this rich gold.

not gold as in ick gold – tacky, but a golden warm, lovely gold.

the bathroom was painted this terrific lime green. super bright. edible actually.

add the natural light of the day,


me thinks it was rather confusing for my little point and shoot.

i played a little with my edits.

when i am in someone else’s home

and they are playful with walls of color

i admire that.

not being handy that way

i tend to let walls be

my personality has the potential

to be bolder.

i’ve just never been allowed.

funny as a home owner

i haven’t allowed myself

i think about this.

i mean they are only walls right?

i want my bathroom perhaps a bright tangerine color

would that make my skin look funny while in there?

because i bet folks don’t think of that when they decide.

i’ve imagined the hallway to the basement to be pink/ rich deep dark pink

not pink/pink

and the kitchen

something to compliment the outside

blue or a green of sorts.

someone i know

way wealthier than i

bought my dream navy couch

bet that thing cost a fortune

i think it would be fun to find

a dream couch

in a thrift shop.


or cobalt.

or royal.

i think i don’t paint walls

because i fearful that my choices

would limit

the selling of.

like it’s not really mine.


untitled-1-17 untitled-2-5 untitled-3-4 untitled-4-3

6 thoughts on “Played A Little

  1. All that over wall color….I have to tell you I’m right there with you, I don’t have the balls to make a statement with wall color but when ever I’m in a house where they have I’m so impressed even if it’s not pretty.
    My dream couch was denim, I love denim but could not afford it and then when I was able too its not longer available.
    I’m loving the colors in the shot of your butt on the tub but I can’t decide if my love of your butt is unfairly swaying me toward that decision. Oh put that on my list of twelve – I can’t make color decisions.

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