A Bit Of A Scowl

it is weird to be sharing images that are spring

when it’s snowing outside.


as a creature of


this image is what is in sequence.


this is where i am in the

scheme of things

known as


or anonymously nude.

so be it.

around this spring like time

i had a surge of

weight gain.


as they say.

in relationship

to the things that shift

naturally in the aging woman.



in real time like



i feel

like i am looking at myself

with a bit of a scowl.

i shared with a fan in an email

that this time my scowl

has reassurance

because this man

in my weekends

in my mind.

and heart.

lusts for

and grabs at

and tenderly finds


with all of him


it’s quite lovely.


PS tremendous viewership here and at Flickr this weekend.

wow. wow. wow!!



2 thoughts on “A Bit Of A Scowl

  1. “lusts for, grabs at and tenderly finds”….why are you over here updating this when you could be grabbed, lusted over and tenderly found?
    This shot screams spring and I love it.

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