of all the images i took that bright spring afternoon, this is the one i liked best.

it’s the avatar actually for my online dating profile.

seems to get loads of attention and comments.

about a year ago i had an adventurous trip to meet mr boston.  one of the things he said to me during our time together was he thought he could “do this”.  meaning – do us, do we, be a thing of sorts.  or so i thought.  when he said that he looked at me with all of him, very adoring and very sweet – i was endeared and in the moment really grateful that he said that to me.  i thought could we even be possible? now circumstances aside – that didn’t even come close to happening, however after that time with him and in the days following when i allowed myself to perhaps believe…to maybe wonder, to speculate on a female/male we??   i found my thoughts completely didn’t know how to behave.  i had been alone and lonely and single for way tooooo long.  much of my day to day behavior if not all my behavior revolves around filling in my empty spaces.

fast forward to today.

for weeks now

i am actually with someone.


like dating.

it’s positively delicious.

and scary.

my thoughts still don’t know how to behave.

yet a very recent thought did occur to me

perhaps there are other ways to behave.

i could get use to having other things to think about.


for those of you on FB,  folks do this daily gratitude in the month of november.

i tend to stay super far away from most FB trend

however pausing each day for a moment of thankfulness is a lovely thing

i wrote that i  was VERY glad for October past

between meeting cowboy – he has a “mr” name also but he spent most of his life in the west, the cowboy name is actually more suitable plus i bet he looks great in cowboy boots (wink) add my artist residency, and a killer sales month.


my gratitude is soaring.

for all of you who wrote encouraging me these past weeks

additional and very very warm thanks to you!!

how wonderful you all are.


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