off on another date

this set was taken at the start of the year

i am sporting orthopedic boots

thank you bone spur ridden feet

and it shares here

the unpleasant fact that

i have gained weight.

i currently feel






thighs are thicker

hips slightly more padded

belly is fuller

especially above my belly button

thanks to

sequential injuries,

foot issues

and hormones.

i have not been able to alter this circumstance

in recent months.


the date?


it had potential.

long distance had it not progress any further.


i am at a motel.

no he didn’t leave me there

we just saw each other during that day.

as well as the following morning.

am i standing on the mini fridge provided?


it’s complicated

isn’t it always?


IMG_3345 IMG_3355 IMG_3371 IMG_3375 IMG_3380




13 thoughts on “Blech

  1. I would love to work out with you. I think our united efforts would drop at least 100 lbs between us both. And I do mean united.

  2. I have learned when a woman sets her mind to something just go with it. You have set your mind that you are not attractive because you gained a little weight and when you look at yourself you say “if only I lost ten more pounds, if only I was a blond, if only I was 3 inched taller, if only I won the lottery”, lots of if onlys. Well I have to tell you from the male side of the equation I like what’s in front of me when I look at you. The first shot, boots are pretty cool, leggings nice and a beautiful top I look at you here and think hot. The second shot is stunning, you are a sexy lady. I’m not sure what your doing in the third shot but suffice it if your date were going to the fridge for another beer and you were sitting there like that he would forget all about the beer. As for the next two shots I can’t comment because of the blood loos to the head problem I get with some of your shots.
    You need to cut yourself some slack and enjoy you, you are beautiful and very desirable.

    • firstly GD – thank you re: desirable and beautiful. i think each of us has the if only side of ourself – me included, in multiple ways probably. while the very reassuring and kind commentary is wonderful – i stated that i have gained out loud mostly for myself to hear. not really as a means to get compliments. Losing 100 lbs and keeping it off is a lot of pressure when that weight loss is in the public eye, that said — it’s a very human thing to simply say man oh man – i’ve gained some weight. what i am concerned about is some of my challenges and finding a way to get it off. it’s not that i would think better of myself, more that i would feel better if i was lighter – especially lighter on my feet.

  3. foot injuries can be a bummer. Have had to restrict my walking for the past year due to plantar faciitis in one foot. It finally seems to have gone away. They say about 9 months recovery is typical. My sister in law had her spur removed and the healing is slow. As for weight I have gained a few pounds too much, but I would rather see a full figured nude rather than anorexic pin bones. Take care. Nice dress and boots.

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