The OTHER Apron

visually this handmade hankie apron really appealed to me

it’s color not necessarily my color palette.

but super fun.

when i wore it alone

it looked boring somehow

paring the apron with the wide holed fishnets

and these chunky shoes

perhaps not boring

but not very sensical.

i like shoes on my feet in appearance

not in how they feel

i love the way any type of hose

accentuates form

again, not a fan of they way they feel

these shoes and this stocking

also makes no sense.

when i am standing

the apron looks like

aprons do

like a dress

ever so retro.

sorry they are all sortof blurry.

it was also a troublesome

light day.

of the set.

more later

one is clear.

and mildy interesting

so much for aprons,eh?

at least i tried

IMG_3217 IMG_3220 IMG_3227 IMG_3228


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