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    • good to know re: your kind. w/ regards all the way from france. my music tastes are very eclectic, i am told avant garde. i am fond of cello, acoustic guitar and soundtracks from films. most of the music i listen to finds me or is gifted somehow – making the listening of it evenmore meaningful.

      • Hello !
        If avant garde means not belonging to the mainstream and not being a follower you for sure are of that kind …Not much fond of cello myself (shame on me….lol) but much going for accoustic guitar renditions although I was initially trained on the piano…
        Check my page on Youtube .U just google ” mokacode youtube” will U ?
        Have a Great Day !

      • i think i am a mix of avante garde, some mainstream – perhaps eclectic is the way to describe it – your piano rendering is playful, lots of notes as a child i know would say …thank you for your sharing. my tastes in general are probably more modern vs classical. re: cello – i love the work of zoe keating. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYrcXX4nWOA

  1. I have hardly ever heard a woman saying she didn’t like the cello . Is there some virility/erotism associated with the cello either in the way it sounds or the way we must hold it ? Watching a woman playing the cello is way some erotic…
    I watched the video on the Tube …Well… Zoe Keating has her own special way .btw..I think about a stunning vibraphonist woman who used to play with Frank Zappa but I’ve forgotten her name….
    Have a Good Night !

    • perhaps that’s true re: woman and the cello, and yes i do like that it’s straddled, and i adore it’s shape – perhaps i relate to that in more ways than I know, mostly i just love it’s sound. always have. don’t have the same affection for the violin or viola. i like that zoe is self made and modern. her own being indeed. thanks for checking her out. i am not musically apt at all.

  2. One can’t be apt at anything…:-)
    As seeing your production I suppose photograhy requires much of your time so as an old french saying goes , “On ne peut pas etre au four et au moulin”…lol
    I love watching pictures and your self portrayings btw….That’s all I’m good at in regards to photography….Like bunches of my “pairs” I’m a poor photographer… OMG…:-)

    • ahhh but the value of a timer on my camera helps me be in two places at once!! Thanks for enjoying my work! It’s really a hobby that fills up my spare time. its my belief that we all have a creative in us – it just manifests in different ways. my camera helps me look way better than i am – i might have an eye but if my camera didn’t do the tech side of it – my work would not look as it does. i feel i can mentor just about anyone to see, it’s a matter of them wanting to learn!

  3. Would U mentor me ?
    Kidding…I’d be glad to get some learning from U but I’m afraid we’ve been living quite a bunches of miles apart from each other….lol
    I’m to relocate to South Portugal at the end of June…That’s gonna be a big change in the weather for sure!…At last moving to a place where summers look like summers…and walking on white sand beaches while listening to some smooth music and…Breathing….
    Yes…U said it…It’s a matter of wanting to learn…U’r right !

    • i feel envy, i have never been to europe, portugal has always intrigued me. i’d like to eat my way through spain – any european country actually! I wish you a happy and smooth transition and what sounds also like a shift in lifestyle perhaps. good for you. image mentorship is something i have actually done. male nudity in particular isn’t always easy to take artfully. some however, do it very well!

  4. what’s been intriguing you about Portugal ?
    Portuguese people are rather discreet .Their spanish neighbours (imo) tend to be way more “show off” …Needless to say the flamenco sounds more demonstrative than the fado btw…I prefer the flamenco to the fado though…
    Spanish culture is more appealing and catchy…But both people much enjoy partying around a good meal and quite a few bottles of good wine…lol
    I’ve never been pictured in my nudity but I never fail to look at me in my bathroom miror…ahahah
    The way we perceive our own image is different from the way X , Y or Z will do …Thers’ a song by Michael Franks untitled “The camera never lies”
    I never paid much attention to the lyrics…Maybe should I check out the content….

    • i am intrigued by the art, the city and the food – I have a book i’ve cooked from – it divides the country into regions – and dined out a bit – small plate dining …certainly not an expert …but it’s my romantic notion that europeans “get” food way more than americans. the camera does not lie, i’d agree – however your mind does. often what you see ( decide to see ) in the bathroom mirror is not the same as the camera sees. that’s a personal truth for me. i would not see the beauty of my curves and hair the same way. just like knowing how others might see – like my camera might – is equally insightful.

  5. For some of us Europeans (and I mostly mean it in regards to latin people) getting” food way” is a way to aim at conviviality .
    Americans Brits or Nordics might get more into going out and drinking while attending concerts in some pubs or bars…They don’t get much into cooking…To each one his own….
    About your hair : I’m old enough (56) as to remember the days when showing up in public for natural women in Europe was not something “tabou” .they were not considered as freaks by some standards .
    Complying with standards isn’t it a form of weakness ? So many of us are unfortunately easily led …lol
    We’re quite a few of us men to love natural women and being forced upon with” rules” results in nothing but making people frustrated persons…lol …you’re aware of that whatever your inclinations might be….

    • i am a scratch cook, and rather particular about food. one of the details about relationships in my life include a similar passion for the prep ( foreplay ) and the orgasm of ( experience ) food. simple things like a ripe avocado in my opinion deserve pause and celebration. I have yet to really find many who “get” that, thus the fantasy. grass is always greener elsewhere. my recent decision to go fully hirsute has been liberating, but also challenging, the environment around me not being so liberated. I hear the male frustration of not able to access their affection for a natural woman often. not knowing the ways of europeans, again – they seem ahead of the game is many ways.

  6. They don’t grow avocados as in California down in Portugal…I don’t know why …They could…
    But they grow tons of oranges out there and I’d never seen orange trees before going down there….
    I wouldn’t venture to say that Europeans are ahead of the game in so many ways….
    I read that the last parts of Europe where women remained natural was Germany and maybe some states in central Europe…Is that still the same today ?….I couldn’t say….
    That said women from France and some other parts of West Europe have been contaminated by some “clich├ęs” from across the big pond where natural women are more or less considered as freaks and pressured to be smooth by bunches of ads …lol…That’s been involving a whole Industry into the making of new products btw…
    They’re so many followers in our world .Just imagine that most of the female stars in Hollywood decide to be natural some day…I suppose that quite a few women would join the movement….lol

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