8 thoughts on “Foraging For

  1. You know AN hirsute woman should not use the word forage while on her hands and knees with her butt in the air without expecting some comments. I’m going to be dignified and go there. I must disagree with you however saying “this is exciting as it gets around here” from our view point it’s quite exciting, it all depends how one looks at it.
    Ok enough of all that I like it but I like your butt, the light from the fridge adds to the shot and the darkness all around keeps things a mystery, very well done.

  2. The foraging comment struck me. I have read all the Jean Auel Earth’s Children series about the adventures of Ayla the Cro-Magnon (Homo sapien) cavewoman raised by Neaderthals. And all the great sex in the novels. Now it does not specify how hairy these women were, but neither does it describe any stone age hair removal. I would guess men in those days rejoiced in sex with unshaved women to honor Mother Earth. By the refrigerator light in the series of photos I can imagine how women and men rejoiced in sex before the invention of the razor. Amen.

    • foraging is a wonderful word isn’t it?? I remember Ayla!! I commend you for finding a finding a way to turn a fridge and it’s modernness into imaginings that are honest, earthy and natural! and that you came back to say so!!

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