The Ugly Chair

whenever i take a picture of,  or in this chair i shift it to black and white.

the chair is ugly.

the fabric is this outdated velvet

the color is a putrid gold green

really unpleasant.


as chairs go

it’s classic

sturdy and well made


maybe appearances aren’t everything.

if someone comes over for dinner

they sit in that chair

close to the kitchen

and me.

i like this chair

ugly as it might be.

it is good for good company.

i was rearranging furniture this day


a hand me down set of shelves.

the arrangement worked out well.

as far as this image

i like it.

it suggests getting dressed

or getting undressed

you decide

i like the shape of my calf

and foot.

perhaps someone sitting opposite me

would think so too.


6 thoughts on “The Ugly Chair

  1. The story line as i see it is you just made love and have both left the bed and are putting on a cover, nothing more to sit and talk. Only buttoning a couple buttons because you know if a little while the top will be off again and you two will be back in bed.

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