Fabric Lines And Shadows

love the afternoon sun in this space

camera sitting on the back of the toilet

makes for a great steady surface for

self image taking

with a timer.

cool fabric lines and shadows in this.


14 thoughts on “Fabric Lines And Shadows

  1. Now this is why I love your photographs so much. Your vision for art and beauty in the simplest of things AND in B&W. Just Beautiful!

  2. You can’t give away all your secrets like the camera was placed on the toilet, you have to make everyone think your in a high tech studio using all the best equipment. Now if you said I’m using a Kohler stand for the camera everyone will think “Wow AN is cutting edge and within weeks you will have a gallery exhibit where you will sell your shots for thousands each. Then before you know it you will have some fancy stand for the camera and a claw foot tub to soak in.

    • would you buy my art if it was hanging in a gallery?? what might you spend and where in your home would you hang it? doesn’t kohler make toilets too? or is that faucets? same thing – a plumbing of sorts. i actually like that my studio is what is so. nothing fancy.

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