Thankful For

when i first started this blog

i was very very shy about sharing

my hair

and my genitalia.

this was partly because

i wasn’t looking at it myself.

i never had.

the truth be i could barely “be”

with that region or that detail about my body.

i know, hard to believe.

but …its true!

as i began to “look”

i discovered things.

things like:

despite one breast pointing south so to speak,

i still have nice breasts.

how graceful the movement of my arms can be

or the way my shoulders shift.

just so.

i noticed …

how really really round my butt is

how hairy it is (!)


how lippy my labia is


how incredibly hairy i am elsewhere.

i found myself looking

from the perspective

of how beautiful

a man finds the body of a woman.

this was tremendous to think of myself this way

vs what my mind has thought all along.

in a state of readiness

and invitation

such as this


i share myself


in comparison to how i began

this is a dramatic shift.

i share now with such




i also feel



one of the novelties of social media

is that if folks do it correctly

they get a sense of personal voice

and expression.

they also develop a following.

i have experienced this in multiple online ways

and i have especially experienced it here.

the devoted fans and commenters came here


many many many have stayed.

the following

that gives voice and expression

also can bring depth and meaning

to what we do as bloggers online.

in my day to day i am a single, lonely, curvy, hairy middle aged woman.

here …

many of you have me feel very treasured.

this sentiment and care

has me continue to be here!

it’s quite the lovely thing!

i am tremendously thankful

for those who care, stare (!) and share.



45 thoughts on “Thankful For

  1. Honestly, I am THANKFUL for YOU! For your kindness, your openness, your desire to share – YOU make the world such a wonderful place.

  2. I’m really happy that you started this blog…. You are really brave woman. If first your thoughts were like you told but you made this anyway. You are really stunning woman. I like your eyes… all your hairs… your curvy sexy body….beautiful breasts…. your incredibly hot round butt… sweet labia. K… You are a real woman. So, we have to thank you that you want to share all this with us. All your photos are so great!

  3. The difference between men and woman always amazes me. We each see things our way and no matter what we do to convince the other we can’t seem to do it. That takes some kind of self revelation which you seem to have had. I’ve seen a hugh change in you since we first started communicating through here a year of two ago and never did I once thing you would take much less show a photo like this one.
    Yes your butt is really round and hairy and lets not forget beautiful too. Yes your labia is lippy and here’s a secret we love it like that. So take a long look and realize what we’ve know for so long, you are a beautiful, sexy lady that turns us on my her physical as well as her intellectual presence. Go figure we not only want to sleep with you but talk with you as well and I bet that’s something you didn’t know about us.

    • what we’ve known for so long …how poetic. and such glowing commentary – thank you! i appreciate the longevity you have had here – it’s so true when i started this is a sharing I would have said never to.

  4. I enjoy your blog and pictures so much. That’s one reason why I love fickr to find real women. You can always find those cookie cutter perfect models to look at but I want the real every day woman to look at. You pictures and your talent I enjoy to watch. Your pictures make me feel like you are so sexual and you want to share that with me. Like I told you before I love a hairy kitty but this picture right here makes me want to shave you, just to see all of you. This capture is so beautiful! I am a visual lover and I could enjoy that position for many hours. Your carefree attitude has me aroused looking at your pictures. I wish you could instruct my wife to be more like you. She has pose for me in front of my camera but I have to think about how lucky and how much fun it would be to photograph you. Keep up the damn good work!

  5. your words are touching and beautiful
    i adore your openness, self-expression, and realizations
    this picture, as well as many others have been, is incredibly erotic and has me very turned on, almost to the point of climax
    i hope you never stop sharing
    im a new and dedicated fan
    thank you

  6. I am certainly glad how you have learned to accept your own body, the way your breasts hang, the natural hairiness, and especially those magnificent labia lips, how wonderful is must be be for your lover to gently suck on then to play with them to discover their musky wetness and the treasure they lead too, and your anus how wonderful it must be to rim the edge of it with a trembling tongue, everything from your sweet toes, the souls of your feet, the backs of your knees , oh how sweet it must be to spray white hot cum ll over your white soft belly then lick each drop clean,,,, in2trbl

  7. We thank you for your art – and it is art of the body and mind – with us. May the coming year bring you an easing of that loneliness but not your art and style and beauty.

  8. Again your words are as moving as your photography. There are many of us, I am sure, that find your journey an amazing venture of eroticism and the joy of a “middle” aged woman. We read your words and they move us for many reasons, but to me mostly because you have become a self-confident, powerful woman. I will continue to come and yes, stare, long and hard. You are beautiful and sexy and provide us with both mental and physical stimulation.
    Thank you so much

  9. I love the way you express yourself not just in your photographs but also in your words. Your openness and attention to detail and the eye you have for art and the beauty that is all around us. So I just want to say “Thank you” for sharing yourself with us, all of you. I do have a question I’d like to ask and I hope I’m not being too intrusive. Do you have a background in Dance? The reason I ask is because you mentioned how surprised you were at how “round” your butt is. I also noticed in the photo posted after this one (you squatting on the chair) the position of your feet and how “vertical” they are. Those features remind me of someone I dated for many years who is a dancer began her career at a very young age. She studied Ballet, Tap, Jazz and ultimately Ballroom Dancing. She went on to become a very successful Dance Instructor. Many of the physical features I saw in her I also see in you so I was just curious. Thank you once again.

    • Patrick – love to dance! minored in it actually in college but never had the confidence or the skills to take it anywhere. not sure my butt and dancing are part of the same equation – nor that i have a dancers body – just some of the “moves” you are not too intrusive. thanks for the question and your thank you!!

  10. I really enjoy stopping by your little corner on the world wide web. I rather like hirsute ladies, I am unable to explain why. I just do. I think your posts are bold,creative and exciting. Thank you for sharing.

  11. You sure know how much I admire you , and we’re the ones that feel gratetful that you share your beauty with us…you’re beautiful , hot an so authentic…your ass is super hot, your legs imposing, your hairy pits are simply beautiful and amazing and your pussy , well, i have no words for your pussy…only that I stay in awe every time you share a pic …THANK YOU

  12. I’ve only just discovered you today and I feel honoured to be viewing such intimate portraits. What you’ve written here is both beautiful and moving. Thank you x

  13. I always enjoy stopping by your corner of the cyberverse. You’re delightful,and attractive.
    …hmmm, I think I will be visiting your blog more often

  14. estremamente eccitante vedere quelle belle labbra mi da’ un senso di bellezza accarezzarle sentire la sua morbidezza e poi penetrarti con le dita

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