16 thoughts on “Shadows And Lines

  1. I rarely feel the urge to make nasty comments on your gorgeous pictures, but I would so love to bury my face there. It looks so soft and beautiful.

  2. I am just a really big fan of a hairy pussy. Sorry for being so forward its a hugh turn on for me. Maybe its just a big girl thing but its feels so good to rub on and look at for me. Your pictures are great!

  3. B&W always seems to be more artsy (I know you love it when I use that word) and color more real. They are both wonderful but this shot brings up basic raw urges and therefore I like the color shot better. It’s as if I’m right there inhaling your scent, feeling your hairs tickling my cheeks as my tongue dances around you trying to get past your panties to taste and pleasure you.
    Sight, texture, taste and scent all come alive in the color version. Now would you please move your pinkie it’s blocking my tongue…

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