Trick Or Ruffled Panty

i’d say treat.

not one to “trick”

not my style.

have to say the ruffle edge on this looks super super cool.

happy safe trick or treating this evening!!

13 thoughts on “Trick Or Ruffled Panty

  1. Absolutely a delightful treat if I may add and one that would trick me into wanted to slide it over with my teeth and place my hot tongue over all the lovely and delicate hair; then explore further until I reach a spot of more delight

  2. Super, super cool…I don’t want grief next time I say one of your shots is “cool”.
    The ruffled edge does look wonderful, erotic, sexy and yes super cool.

    Your last response “thank you re: alluring – and for asking permission to play” made me laugh, if your only wearing these panties and are bending over like this this to show me I’m thinking the permission is assumed. If not well then the slap would be worth it. This shot is such a turn on, thanks

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