For The Sake Of Imagery

well gosh when one is photographically expressing loneliness it’s ok to shift from one mannequin to another – for the sake of the imagery and all.

19 thoughts on “For The Sake Of Imagery

  1. … you must have known I would be back here today. How could I possibly stay away. Perfection is such a misused word, and to some extent aren’t we all, in some way, perfect. That said, I think you are perfectly beautiful, and seeing today’s offering makes me long to be playing the part in the picture that you have given so carelessly to that cold, inanimate being… I would love to tell you of all the unspeakable things that this inspires, but for now, thank you again, beautiful, perfect woman.

  2. This shot is incredibly hot! I’m sure that this mannequin loved it too 🙂 Wonderful playful photo! …. (I’d exchange the place with this mannequin at any time.)

  3. I think it’s ok to switch mannequins for the sake of the shoot but one has to wonder if theirs not some deeper meaning going on there. That’s totally rhetorical by the way.

  4. To be the object of your affection or to replace that subject being use would have made for some truly fun and enjoyable moments for you and I and I said before I make no bones about it would be a fantasy come true to have a moment to taste you and enjoy the entire experience of your hirsute design. again Thank you so much for the posting and visual encouragement

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