included in the panty shopping was an online purchase of a “slippy”

a split slip designed for woman like myself who’s thunderous thighs rub together under skirts and dresses.

a novel solution.

quite utilitarian looking yes?

recently while on a shoot i was wearing a skirt

the wind caught up in it

completely exposing me

i said …

good thing i had on me slippy

the client shared

he thought exactly the same thing.

CRACKED me up.



4 thoughts on “Slippy

  1. Swish, swish, swish. Ahhh, the sound of two thighs clapping.

    Looks like the makers of bicycle shorts are expanding market…or did they steal the idea from the slippy makers?????

    • not sure which came first the bike short or the slippy, i don’t spend a lot of time in the lingerie department either – for all i know these may have been around by design for some time!!

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