did i tell you i had a gentleman in bahrain gift me some cash for panty purchases?


i mean how delightful is that?

panty purchasing

at the store

is not always fun.

but sure makes for good blurry

oh …i am naked in the dressing room images.

more panty purchase sharing later.

13 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. Oh how I really enjoyed this shot cause u are squatting and the lovely and I mean just LOVELY HAIRY BUSH is so exposed and in full view I hope whatever and whenever you more like it and maybe put the camera on timer and place it directly under you. whether in the store or at home just a thought I would love to see that. Thanks so much for this gift

  2. nice of a fan to offer to buy panties….that gorgeous body is too beautiful to hide behind panties……your breasts are beautiful as artwork and meant to be seen as classy artwork… in this pic is the capture of howbeautiful your full bush is……love your artistic poses…..beautiful lady

  3. very nice of the fan to buy you panties… really dont need any….such beautiful curvesin this pose…..soft and so sexy and that gorgeous bush…..your body is pure artwork that should be visually enjoyed.

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