8 thoughts on “Sortof Soft

  1. Well here goes – showing my age.

    Bryl-creem, a little dab’ll do ya,: Bryl-creem, you’ll look so debonair. Bryl-creem, the gals will all pursue ya,: They’ll love to RUN their fingers through your hair.

    Of course that was for male hair.

    Next thing you know I will be posting burma shave quotes. Sigh, is senility nigh or just a warped sense of humor. I hope the latter.

  2. Wonderful Hirsute site and I take it must be soft and you give me
    excellent ideas of you in short skirt and or working together and
    watching you entering a room we occupy together and having an
    opportunity to get a glimpse of the soft delicate hairs upon your thighs
    Thank you for the post

  3. a very beautiful sight…..course or soft it is natural beauty and i love the feel of my ladies bush and her whole body natural……you are a beautiful lady

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