Before And After

below is the very first image i shot of myself nude

a man said

you are beautiful

quite frankly i didn’t believe him

i didn’t believe him because my confidence in myself was very low

he said

if only you could see what i see

this statement provoked me

what did he see?

the significance of the image below is

as a first attempt

i didn’t really want to know what i looked like

i didn’t want to see

thus the blur

in contrast we have this image

the above was part of a set i shot with a tripod

i am amused and delighted by this image for many many reasons

firstly,  i cracked myself up with the title that came to ming ” your hands could be here “

yes, an open solicitation for groping!!

in a crazy wonderful way

i thought this image would make a great bill board —

imagine the thoughts as one drove by!!

secondly,  what a contrast to the first image i shot

this second image is sassy, playful, confident and sexy

to me this examples the journey this blog and these photo’s have been for me

many of you have been a part of this path with me

i wanted to thank you

thank you for the attention, the commentary, and the care

oh and thanks for the votes of confidence too.

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