Regular Programing

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had to look up programing,

gosh – who knew it could go either way.

programming vs programing.

they both look right.

me thinks i picked the correct one.

so ….

i am not enjoying posting current imagery.

that’s not how this blog used to roll.

i am going back to the image sequence  i was in before all of this.

it might take all of us back to a few mr cowboy times, but heck that’s what it is …or was.

the truth is

i don’t have a good perspective on me, myself and i-ness today

i feel way too emotional

and desperate w/ my sharing.

so beginning next post, i am going back to my original series of imagery.

consider yourself notified.

so far of all the i’ve moved images.

this is my favorite.

OH — the apartment warming gifts have been SOOOO sweet. I mean it.  How wonderful so many of you are.  Thank you!!



Making Fun Of

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the weekend arrived.

i now had several days where she was gone.

there was a lot to do.


hanging my art seemed

almost wrong.

yet hanging it was the most right thing i could possibly do.

as long as i live and work here

i want it to feel like home to me.

i caught a glimpse of myself in this leaning mirror

( which by the by just fell apart, like all the glue that held it together decided to unglue)

the frame is now gone.

trying to decide if i should just keep the glass.

anyway –

while glancing

i pulled up my shirt

my pant bottoms were hiked up

and i thought

what a ridiculous reflection.

that is what this whole thing is


another thing i feel

is embarrassed.

i am not sure how else to describe it.

i have been in trouble TOO long.

may as well just make fun of it all.

IMG_3402 IMG_3505



•November 11, 2015 • 2 Comments

and so this anonymously nude person arrives west.

a stranger in a strange land.

with perhaps even stranger ideas.

like maybe for once she can get a break.

is that so strange?


apparently it is.

on day 5 of my new life here said new roommate

shared that she will be moving.


that when she moves.

i too will have to move.


Can you even possibly imagine anyone misleading me this way?

would anyone in their right mind have moved in with someone, knowing that person was leaving?


i don’t think so.

who in their right mind would do that?

would i have set myself up to move not once, not twice

but NOW 3 times in a single year?


uh, again WHO would do that?

who in their right mind would move only to move again?

not this strange mind.

and yet.

that is NOW my new circumstance.


i had partially unpacked.

all my art was ready to hang

she was leaving for the weekend.

i had time and space to myself

i decided not to unpack anything else

to settle what i had unpacked

and hang the art.

set up my drawing table.


because the truth is…

i need something around me right now that is mine.

something slightly tangible.

whats next?


i haven’t a f-ing clue.

i know NOONE here.

i have nothing left to sell.

and time is ticking.

i might have until the spring.

i might not.

what is astonishing to me is how these events of my life

show up in my collage work.

noone could have planned this collection of torn imagery.

words to describe include: dunce, foot ( fish ) in mouth, loss for words, fool, foolish, blinded, blind sided, blinders on, stopped, loss for words,stabbed in the back, even that horse looks like a fish, could it be because now i live near water, and so female. the collage is strongly feminine.




Two Days In

•November 4, 2015 • 3 Comments

( stupid post has all these big empty spaces in it. sorry. read all the way to the bottom )

i texted my new roommate sharing that i was on my way. it was wednesday – my arrival day. a week ago now. she unfortunately confused the dates and expected me on friday – not much i could do …i was heading that way. i arrived to chaos yet to me it was perfect. normal life isn’t always so perfect.

my final driving day it rained. very dreary and bleak. the sky opened up bright and blue literally as I found my exit off the interstate. i couldn’t believe it. i felt like the sun guided me to my new apartment. i was greeted by this lovely fur ball.  that evening i had a sage ceremony. please let this work, please make all of this ok, please let their be a clean vibe.

IMG_3299 IMG_3306 IMG_3308 IMG_3310 IMG_3351



































































My new place is small and cozy. I get a room with a closet, the spare closet, and shared spaces in the kitchen, living room, back patio and bathroom. I have more things than space – despite all my purging. i am enjoying the challenge of figuring out where it will all go

IMG_3353 IMG_3314











































I wrote this the first friday night:  first friday night as a stranger in a strange land. i have some tunes on, soup warming, a cold beer and a cat purring next to me. i have a new bed, my life in moving cube is sitting in a parking spot outside, i have been unpacking in my subconscious mind the last two nights. On Sunday two sweet 24 somethings are going to help me unpack the cube. Strangers. My roommate is kind, sweet and a busy up to something lady. I really really like her, AND her cat! I marvel that i am here, that i just took a month off, that the journey was mostly seamless – like a plan that came REALLY came together. Along the way I was greeted with more love and encouragement than I could have ever have imagined. My virtual cheering equally rich. I am feeling this. feeling it, feeling the shift. Pinch me – I am 3554 miles from what I know. I have lived mostly in one state ALL my life except for one short time.

Is it strange here?? NO – it’s oddly familiar, like a calling of sorts. The moving cube guy said people are happier here. you’ll see!! I like that. I thought I would have been able to ponder, create and travel all at the same time. Truth be, all i could muster was the driving and the creativity. the pondering is all still stirring in my head.

I want to thank my hosts that housed, fed, and nurtured me along the way – eight of you.  i loved your cooking, being in your homes, and your very sharing of what you love about where you live not to mention your day to day-ness. 

Sunday was officially moving in day.  These two young men were my heroes.  I mean this. They arrived on time, they were efficient, enthusiastic, and very careful with my things. I had the bit of cash to pay them thanks to all those donations so many of you gave me. The fund is down to it’s last $’s and thank goodness NO car issues along the way, NO unexpected expenses.

Do you have any idea how much reassurance your gifts were to me??

I am so very very grateful.


















let me tell you a huge detail about this trip.   I packed my toys in the moving cube.  like i wasn’t thinking. my month long journey found me with no toys.

i bet you can imagine what i did once the boys left.


i am calling this image.

mt. nipple.


Moving Day Today

•November 1, 2015 • 4 Comments

my new roommate basically cleared out the living room to give me a space to land.

she also left for the day

part of me says

hmmm i could have used the help.

another part feels grateful for the privacy.


today is the day!

my belongings arrived via “cube”

I secured help to unload them.

they are predicting torrential rain.

lets hope that doesn’t happen OK?


I Am West!

•October 30, 2015 • 2 Comments

yesterday marked my arrival west.

pinch me it’s real

i am here!

i traveled through 10 states

i was hosted by 8 friends

i took exactly 4 weeks

betty blue was a real go getter

( which translates into there were no car problems. whew!!)

today i got a library card, a bank account, a bed, and soup ingredients.

my NEXT rather large hurdle is managing my moving in.

as of right now, i have NO guy help.

what was secured has backed out.

i know noone.

and i am not physically able to do the heavy lifting.


many images to catch up on, post and offer commentary on

i thought that along the way blogging would be easier.

that i would have told more of the story along the way


it wasn’t that easy.

sure have enjoyed the well wishes and encouragement.


A Bit On Pause

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i thought that i would have down time while traveling west.

computer down time.

but a day in the car

is exhausting.

all i want is the bed

maybe a bath.

and when visiting or staying with friends

their good and gracious company is what matters most.

and so.

my story telling is a bit on pause.

even now.

as i sit with this

i feel tired.

it’s the last last day of a 3 day

1800 mile, leg of my trip.

my longest journey.

i took this shot last night.

before i took a bath

and found the bed.

and where i slept like a rock.

so many of you are still here.

and i love that.

thank you for wishing me well,  for donating ( !!)

YES –the donations DO help!!

and for being here for me



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