Purple Panty Joy

while the envelope took like FOREVER to find this guy.

my purple lace panties finally arrived.


he was one very very happy purchaser.

“they were exactly what i was hoping for”

“totally primal”

he actually said a whole lot more

but a gal should respect a man and my panty privacy.


Parted Lips

me thinks its the kissing i miss the most.  yup.  it’s been a long while now.

i think in my memory i can recreate every first kiss i’ve ever had. each are truly their own thing. their own unforgettable moment.

i miss miss miss anticipating a kiss, the serious wanting of, the someone wanting to kiss me. the look they have when they get close and want. to. kiss. me.

there is then the ever so lustful kiss, that spittle wet lips filled with desire kiss that only two people can get to.

the shaking that happens to me when kissing takes my very breath away.


What If I Bend Over And Play

the trick at the cave, much like here in the country studio, is finding the light at the right time and making use of it visually.

how do i look here in this doorway.

or over here on this part of the couch

what if i bend over and


another trick is keeping superfluous shit out of the pic. sortof like bathroom selfies …i personally don’t want to see the toilet or the deoderant you use. geeesh. do you?

these of course had no natural light…because it was the cave. duh.  my country studio has windows but they face north and south and light seems different here. when the son rose at my little house? it would fill the east side of my home with rays of light.  not finding that here. not exactly anyway. i adore the darks in these.

an intense day today in these parts.

intense in degrees lately.

i have moments when i feel like i am living and perhaps even alive. vibrant, vital, valuable.

happy. relaxed. looking forward to something.

they are moments.

mostly, i am still eeking myself through my day

panic is the word that struck me today.

sheer panic.

like how is this all going to actually work.

killed a third mouse last night.

this time i didn’t even hear the trap

how sick is that. i slept through it’s death

when i kill them. i wrap them in newspaper and freeze them.

if i said that already. just ignore me.

need more traps.

IMG_9369 IMG_9375 IMG_9377

In The Mail

remember these??  these purple lace panties?? 


a bit ago,  a fan here ( he says he’s my most admiring fan ) asked me if i would sell him my panties.

i agreed.

so, after considerable wearing.

and i mean. considerable.

these are in the mail!

complete with a hand written note.

and an envelope that i collaged.

so a bit of me, and a bit of my art.

funds from this panty sale are going to an upgrade to my eyeglass scrip.

having a lot of trouble seeing lately.

each time i need to upgrade my glasses it’s at least 2 new pair of frames.

if panty sales are a thing.

and a creative way to pay for the long list of things i have to manage and rebuild financially?

I am in.

who wants the orange lace thong pair???








Couch Potato

i had so much trouble with light in the cave.

either with what was actually there or with trying to figure out how to creatively work with my seeing eye lamp. ( an orthopedic looking full spectrum standing light fixture ) 

not sure if i mentioned that i am beginning to see aging eye health stuff.

i have i think one more set of these images on the couch. i really like them as a study of sorts.

at least the couch was blue. if it was a hideous fishing lodge brown, i probably would have never been able to sit on it. ha!!

some lovely attention here today by the by. thank you!  this last month was a prolific month creatively.  

perhaps being solo again is providing me some inspiration.

it feels like i have so much to tell.

IMG_9101 IMG_9103 IMG_9104