Wouldn’t Be Anonymous Of Me

•July 2, 2015 • Leave a Comment

a year ago i got hit with a series of bad luck days – everything from food poisoning ( oh my gosh – never ever had I been so sick. ever.) house vandalism, falling ceiling issues, car issues, hvac issues, and the continued issue of not being able to afford my home. i was at a low. i took a series of face shots when i started to get over the stomach stuff – the sun was streaming in and I couldn’t get enough of it, and i saw “me” again.  despite being down.  i knew i could get to the other side of it all. while i won’t share the face shots here, cuz that wouldn’t be very anonymous of me. i enjoy the abstract nature of these enough to share.  

odessa – mr cowboy’s shepard came to stay with me for a week during that time. i took a zillion images of her and got use to her good company.  now that i live with them both, i have a zillion trillion of her.  she’s a goof of a dog, but very very beautiful to look at, and still very good company. 

IMG_0702 IMG_0715 IMG_0864

The Thick Of It

•June 24, 2015 • 4 Comments

very early in my artful nude self portrait days i had an experience on a drive home wearing this very tunic.

i had this man in my mind, someone i wanted to meet, tryst with, someone i ached to touch.

it was a virtual man.

a fan.

unfortunately not a reality.

driving home i noticed my thick hair as it fell on my back

its wisps ticking the side of my neck

i experienced the swell of my breasts as they billowed

my finger caressed my swell

goosebumps found me

the drive was tedious

i entertained myself in my mind

by thinking that he

this man

was waiting for me.

when i arrived home that day

i was wound up.

hot for the imagined man

and his want of me.

the images i took in those moments were really sexy.

and the first of that kind.

prompted by fantasy and lust.

exampling lonely at that time.

yet expressed.

this more recent shot reminds me of that series.

grabbing at myself and enjoying it.


we are in the thick of it now, are we not?




two becoming one.

hot and vibrant.

IMG_0606 IMG_0662 IMG_0698 IMG_0836

Amuse Me

•June 17, 2015 • 6 Comments

first picture.  the intensity of shadows. they truly pull me to them.  love the little holes of the metal steps casting themselves. playing with shadows pleases me. my non-nude self. the way i see things.

following images just amuse me to no end.  they capture me in my alone space. i was hot and sweaty, i tried wearing a pony tail – it had been years, i found myself pulling at it – like a playful child.  i was cooking, dishes needed to be done, my feet were dirty. it was sunny. i was happy. 




IMG_0515 IMG_0595 IMG_0596 IMG_0597

On His Way

•June 10, 2015 • 2 Comments

i so remember this day.

a summer weekend morning

light streaming in from those two very large windows.

such gorgeous light.

he was arriving soon.

on his way.

i would get so very very very


at the thought of him on his way

to see me.

IMG_0518 IMG_0519 IMG_0520


Without Panties

•June 4, 2015 • 4 Comments

wore this dress on date #3

nothing underneath.

it wasn’t on for even 5 minutes.


once he arrived.

that dress was off.

i loved that date.

our dates after that were very often like that.


hungry to see, taste and touch each other.

missing each other ever so.


now that it’s full time

we don’t miss each other that way.

the hungry groping occurs in different ways

i still anticipate his coming home

and most often

i do still hunger for him

without my panties.

i just have to graciously

let him re-group from a day at work

or a task at hand

or the things to do

that come with

going home.

my little garden had sprouted a bit that day

i only had one of these red flowers all year.

some annual

sure am glad i photographed it.

feel that way about so many things.

if i hadn’t captured it

i wouldn’t be able to revisit the moment

ever so fondly.

IMG_0441 IMG_0452 IMG_0453 IMG_0536 IMG_0550 IMG_0552


•June 3, 2015 • 8 Comments

random mirror hanging, and/or random masturbating, or a random missing of these tree leaves that turn into these glorious colorful heart shapes, to the annual affection for one of my favorite flowers ever …the peony.

that’s what today’s sharing is about.


a friend asked me recently now that i have mr cowboy why do i continue to blog

it’s a good question

1. i am an artist – i need to see my work evolving

2. i love the journal/autobiographical aspect of it

3. i adore the attention posting brings me. understatement.

there will be times when mr cowboy can’t be all

i still have to find my own ways of fueling my creativity.

blogging provides all of that.

the same goes for sex.

i am more sexual active than ever before these days

yet, i still touch/play with myself regularly.

i feel like it’s such a natural release

it arouses me of course


certain times it’s been a way to enhance our sex

who knew?

i wish i knew why so many don’t talk about self touch.

why is that??


IMG_0309 IMG_0364 IMG_0401 IMG_0408

Two Places At One Time

•May 28, 2015 • 4 Comments

takes a bit of time to find the nuances of light.

perhaps a bit like it takes a bit of time to immerse into

another human being.

while seeing each other part time.

i had to find the light at two places at one time.

i felt the divide

like the holding on we do at the end of a hug.

something about it just pulls a certain way.

in the mornings now that we are full time

and before he goes to work

his kisses linger.

i love them.

nothing is more reassuring.

or more sweet.

in my sleep state

i will shout my goodbyes for the day

and make him smile.

i am no longer managing two places at a time.

( there was a lull in the nude images that i was taking during this period – hadn’t noticed it at the time – perhaps my focus was elsewhere)


IMG_0034 IMG_0146 IMG_0185 IMG_0195


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