Five Day Countdown

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as i type/add this post, someone is here clicking at a furious and fast pace 

love when that happens.


it’s like watching time go by. 

welcome and thank you for stopping by.

i am just 5 days from moving in with mr cowboy.

pinch me when i say that.

it feels as surreal as it sounds.


it’s really really happening

in just 5 days!!

when i wait for him to come to bed

i might slip something on

for him.

and usually in the moment

i don’t think to snap an image

but i did this time.

i love the grit of these.

the framing of the door.

and the happenstance of the camera places on the tv.


one of the trials of our 18 months together has been the commute.

( did i tell you that moving day celebrates that?  exactly 18 months! woot!!)

these images share the pause i occasionally took to capture that trek.

IMG_7732 IMG_7733 IMG_7734 IMG_7737 IMG_7773 IMG_7774



Two Intense Natural Happenings

•March 19, 2015 • 5 Comments

the month of march does me in each and every year. i use to fight it or make excuses for it. one year i decided to observe it rather than battle it and I concluded that what really really happens in march – is a long month of universal/earthly change. it’s the remarkable tension and tease of the shift from winter to spring. i feel the heavy pull of these two intense natural happenings with every part of me and it overwhelms me. for me that makes me anti-social, very crabby, indecisive, and uber internal. it makes me wear socks and eat popcorn. i crave sex and constant reassurance. i have chosen in recent years to embrace it. i sleep a LOT. i schedule lightly or not at all, and i find the love somehow in each day until that day. that one day when the earth shares with me that balance is once restored. i can’t explain it except to say that it’s something i feel and know. my internal feels its will, my external smiles and all appears on my face and in my heart. march is an awesome time to think, to write, it’s a creative mecca. it’s a terrific time to purge, cleanse, cuddle, knit, and read. oh just to read. i have begun to treasure the timelessness i now create in march.  sure I have triggers around me that will find and haunt me, and truth be I allow them to co-mingle a bit. a good cry or two or three. my past and I can occasionally meet, not to dwell. and only to let it go again. i consider march to be an emotional cleanse of sorts.

of the set, this shot is my fav.

below is from mr cowboy’s place

two becoming one

i made a calendar of them for him

( grin )

did i tell you i am moving in with him?

( bigger grin )


IMG_7665 IMG_7744


The Ache For Spring

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to humor myself with said black boots.

i placed myself in a corner

with my silly outfit on.

and on a dining room chair

for that matter!!

this bra which i really really liked just bit the dust.

like the underwire came out.

at a moment where someone’s eye could have gotten poked out.

like no kidding.

did i tell you that i struggle greatly with this time of year?

i have defined it as the tension

between the completion of winter

and the strong ache of spring.

add a full moon.

stupid daylight savings

and quite frankly i am just a mess.

my subconscious mind

has also been in angst.

with purge/downsizing/packing

comes memories.

some not so good.

the other night i screamed myself awake.

from a wretched nightmare.

shaken to the core.

only to have another different nightmare follow.

my mr cowboy always asks

what do you think they mean?

funny how you can take bit and pieces of something and figure that out – isn’t it?

i so love that he asks.

colors are shifting.

this glow at the end of this day was amazing!!



IMG_7649 IMG_7650 IMG_7652 IMG_7654 IMG_7655 IMG_7659 IMG_7661

Them Black Boots

•March 4, 2015 • 4 Comments

perhaps you remember these.

them black boots.

ordered them online


they offered a wedge look to them

and a feel of very soft suede.

loved the depth of black.

they were boots that for moments

i could strut my stuff in.

a long lost fantasy

of look good.

of wanna be.

folks say that

boots and heels

make a woman’s legs longer

define their shape

make their walk.


for me they were nothing more than a closeted prop

this very wintery day.

black contrast against the wall

a feel of dress up naughty.

the i could never dress like this in public naughty.

the seam opposite the zipper popped

on the left side.

cheap ass boots.

off to textile recycling they went.




IMG_7672 IMG_7674


Pending Tease Of

•February 25, 2015 • Leave a Comment

oh the ugh-ness of


too many layers


that pending tease of march

too many clothes still.

at least there is

the beauty of the blue-ness.

blasts of bright white

lined with tree bark.

IMG_7689 IMG_7694 IMG_7707 IMG_7709

Not Leastly

•February 20, 2015 • Leave a Comment


my valentines day

was so sweet.

and so romantic.

that i cried.

dozens of roses.

yes. dozens.


like yummy salted caramel truffles.


the entire apartment was glowing.

as was i, if i may say.

and mushy cards.

multiple seriously mushy cards.

lastly but not leastly.

many many kisses.

( grin )

IMG_8227 IMG_8271

Hair Flipping Practice

•February 20, 2015 • Leave a Comment

it was hair flipping practice.

on a very very bitter winter day.

because that is what everyone does.


i realize i get here less.

its interesting to me because i ache to write,

and here is a place that i dabble with that.

and i have images to share.

yet,  life these days is different.

rich, full, distracted and happy.

not as much time for hair flipping practice.


IMG_7629 IMG_7634 IMG_7635 IMG_7641


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