Throwback Thursday :: Lacey Light

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keeping with this #tbt thing.

these are classically early AN.

an example of  a beginning look





i am not throwing these into my lightroom software

merely because i want them to be what i knew at the time

but, i bet i could make that last shot in particular pop!!





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i asked him to clear off the kitchen table

i wanted to utilize the only natural light he had.

i had an idea in my head of what i wanted to capture

and these were not it.

as circumstances go,

this image taking led to other things

which i have to say were rather delicious,

until someone knocked on the door.


not good.

i love the reflection on the table

the determined mr cowboy

grabbing of.

me thinks that color works for this.

the third image with my arms bent up reminds me of something cellular – like a tadpole or an ameba of sorts, not sure why i think that or if that is even what i am trying to say but …

hopefully you get what i mean.

it looks odd

or funny.

IMG_4537 IMG_4536 IMG_4535 IMG_4534


•October 10, 2014 • 2 Comments

i submitted work to a call for artists at a hip gallery within a specific theme, there were over 200 submissions from around the world.  4 of my non-nude photographs were chosen by a jury to hang in the show –  wow!! the show will open Oct 31, and run until Jan 4.  i can not share much more of the details because it’s too akin to revealing my true self, geographically and otherwise, yet i did feel that a commentary and sharing was in order. I feel especially proud. 2014 has been a super great year for this fledgling photographer. my challenge as an artist is the expense of submitting art to galleries or events.  I don’t discount the value of participating, or being awarded a hanging.  The gallery will get 50% of what is sold. IF it sells, one has to give regard of course to the fact that they know their audience, and that they as a gallery actually sell work.  That is what they do!! Right?  I will have to sell 2 pieces to cover my expenses.  sigh.  i wish that galleries also had programs for emerging artists and sponsored hangings. i could only print these in 5 x 7, truth be – they would be astonishing large. more sigh.  There is an artist reception in Nov.  i will have to figure out what to wear, so i can look all boho and artist swank.  any plans for the weekend?  this gal is going to put her garden to rest and rake way too many leaves with some help from mr cowboy.  whom i have not seen since before my birthday.  i am looking forward to it.

Throwback Thursday :: Strap

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an observation of earlier work includes the ever present shadow of my camera strap.

i just didn’t really notice it when i was taking these.

lovely images really.

the beginning of i think a closer look at light, shadow, form and line

all that arty stuff .

with a bit of flesh on the side.


obviously it was winter.

( ugh )

also these are taken with my first camera.

some attention here these past few days.

thank you !!!

IMG_4268 IMG_4083 IMG_4078 IMG_4076 IMG_3933_2































































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this was the last time i had a hair cut.

wow time really flies,

as this was about a year ago.


haven’t had the budget to go.


they always dry and flat iron it to the point of no return


something not at all duplicatable.

and for me,

making my hair long and thin

just adds intensity to my already long and thin features.

the texture sure is great though!!



IMG_4460 IMG_4470 IMG_4471 IMG_4474

Throwback Thursday :: Looking At You

•October 2, 2014 • 6 Comments

shoot i can’t get these to post in the right order. ugh.

let us narrate instead, shall we?

the middle image is the throwback


i thought then that it was the most racy image ever.

and i found it exciting to look at.

and while taking it

was rather exciting too.

love the black and white.

the second image was another layer of bold

my face.

plus a continued expression of pit hair grown out.

which I was beginning to appreciate

the allure of.

to add to the mix

i had shot the last image quite recently that replicated them.

this was the day mr cowboy and i reconnected.

( smile )

love love the light in that one.

My birthday yesterday was lovely.

Thanks for the celebratory vibe!!

IMG_4359 IMG_2905_2


Deliciously Celebrating

•October 1, 2014 • 6 Comments

a year older


oh happy me day.



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