I Was Another Year Older

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today celebrates 10 months since i met mr cowboy.

( she says with a big grin)

we shook our heads this weekend thinking about it…

where did all of that time go?

thinking back

this was the day of our first date

yes, we met

but this was like the date/date

he seemed to want to make my birthday really special for me.

how sweet.

i was struggling personally with feeling a bit like a lump


as i have for years now.

i took some imagery to try and see myself through the eyes of the camera

vs the eyes of my self critical mind.


and older

and heavier.




IMG_1418 IMG_1419 IMG_1423 IMG_1425 IMG_1426 IMG_1430




He Was On Time

•July 26, 2014 • 2 Comments

maybe he will think i am pretty.





he was on time, he smiled with his eyes, they were blue, we sat at the bar, drinks, very easy to talk to, as a matter of fact the chatter never stopped, may we share that meal? magnetic, his eyes got dreamy, he asked if he could kiss me, i felt shy but said yes, how delightful. even though my birthday was our official first date he asked if he could see me again.i felt like i couldn’t wait to see him .  more kissing in the car, polite but eager and very lingering.  the kind that says more of that please.  things he didn’t say:  how early he had to get up the next morning.   IMG_1409 IMG_1411

We Meet

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since meeting mr cowboy

i have observed some photography

other than my nude work

that i think is symbolic

or at least gestural

or suggestive

about where i am in my life.

to replay the whole story a bit:

i was divorced in 2007

the demise of that marriage

began in 2005.

we were together ten years.

my confidence re: dating was nill.

prior i was with and married to the father of my kids.

eighteen years.

sometimes when i think of it as twenty eight years all told.

i think – wow, that is a lot of years wasted.

not that those years didn’t have their positives.

they did.

once my second marriage ended

my life was pretty complicated.

still had children at home.

i emotionally spiralled.

lost some time.

lost some soul.

definitely lost me.

in 2009 i relocated.

some not so good things about that move

and some good things.

the good included the purchase of this home

the space and place, the four walls and windows of which all of you know so well.

There was one pervasive bad.

i began collecting dating stories.

forward to the fall of 2013.

my mr cowboy.

our first meet

was spontaneous.

a phone call,  our 3rd call perhaps?

turned into

are you free this evening?

it was a few days before my birthday

my birthday was supposed to be our first date.


solo pear.

pending pair.

dual chairs.

one empty.

by design ?

not sure

but to me

when i saw it

after taking it

i thought


i felt like i was setting a stage.

come sit with me.

i already had an immediate phone like with this guy

i loved how he first reached out to me

he actually read my online dating profile.

i was really excited to meet him.

i felt pretty and sexy

even with the holy shit

throw something on

brush my hair

and GO.

i had like 20 minutes to do that and get there.

IMG_1385 IMG_1398 IMG_1400


Still Here

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a brief comment about my time away these last weeks.

when one combines a summer holiday and an artist residency.


time flies by.

at my residency it was their busiest season

my days were super full creatively.

and they were intoxicating.

as my very last residency,

i had some wondering and emotion around

it being my last.

things like:

not wanting it to end.

wondering what i might look forward to now artistically.

wondering how will my work be utilized

wondering how a complete residency adds to my resume

anticipating missing the people and dogs I fell in love with

( yes, i fell in love w/ a dog)

there were times i cried with all of me thinking about the intensity of this experience

i came home to multiple dramas

many of which had me feel an overwhelm that i haven’t experienced for some while.





just wanted you to know that i am still here.


quite of you DID stop by while i was away.

that’s very very cool.





Said Biceps

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of the two said bicep attempts here, the first shot is my fav.

all told it really still is the story of “what bicep?”


there was loads of traffic that stopped by over the weekend

not the usual here

especially over a summer holiday weekend.



my weekend was good. long, languid, lots going on, plenty of kisses. and unplugged.

which i like actually!!

i am now leaving for several weeks

my LAST artist residency.

the top image

is my way of symbolically trying on

being a couple

w/ mr cowboy.

something about this lamp fixture

two becoming one.

holding hands somehow.

it’s been a common image i’ve captured since we started dating.

IMG_1051-2 IMG_1357 IMG_1365

That Mane

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in trying to capture said biceps

we found that mane instead.

traffic is quiet here at the blog.

perhaps its summer mode.

folks doing summer things.

summer vacations.

and long weekends.

and road trips.

sounds like the way to go to me.

see you in a few weeks!!

IMG_1354 IMG_1356 IMG_1361 IMG_1362

Biceps Continued

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… as the bicep set continues.

i realize that this anonymously new gal is a bit all over the place lately,  at least that is what it feels like over here.

the real story is what bicep?

partly because amusingly it was a challenge to use the timer and get the right parts into the image frame. and other part because i have like no distinction to my arm per say.

remind me please to clip all tags from said bras.

i did tell you this bra is ill fitting, yes?

desperately needing new.

there is a website i just found for inexpensive lingerie…just saying.

( made ya click didn’t i??)


IMG_1339 IMG_1342-2 IMG_1344


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