In My Dreams

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the announcement of this photography workshop hit FB today. in my very wildest fantasies someone sends me there.  a gal can dream yes??

this image portrays another fantasy,

one a tad closer to home though.

it’s my belief that in some past life

that i was a wench of some sort.

in the bowels of my psyche

i have a deep palpable familiarity


heaving breasts

tattered skirts lifted

hard work

dirt floors

filthy feet.

it’s all very

scullery like.

funny re: memory

i distinctly remember the day this was taken

gorgeous winter sunset.

super bright crisp day.

and obviously a bit of nude image play.


IMG_4837 IMG_4845 IMG_4846



Throwback Thursday :: Exciting

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taken in 2010.

i admit that along the way

i found nude image taking

very playful

and equally exciting.

this was in the springtime

it was one of those days where we could finally open the windows

things were beginning to blossom.

IMG_4614 IMG_4615


Two Years

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it was two years ago that i experienced my mr boston tryst.

i feel tremendously grateful for his friendship but sad that so much time has passed and we’ve not seen each other since.

a few images of that experience are over at my dating album on flickr. that imagery could be part of a book of sorts – or so i am told.

who the f would read it?


Corset In A Flurry

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i love the flurry of this set.

out of it,

i shot

one of my very favorite images from 2013.

I’ll share that in a later post.

i love the small ooops opening of the corset in the first image

ever try getting into one of those on your own?

funny i should really ask someone else to lace it for me shouldn’t i?

the material of that skirt is rough and crunchy.

but the idea of it

reminds me of ballerina days.

i fantasize about dancing outfits often.

not the scratchy kind.

the flowing, clinging,up my butt tights kind.


this set as you can see was taken in the dead of winter.

i mean when it’s bitter cold out

what else should one be doing?



IMG_4786 IMG_4805 IMG_4810 IMG_4811 IMG_4816 IMG_4823


•October 21, 2014 • 4 Comments

yes, the table was clear

and image taking occurred.

as did quite a bit of


i personally did not experience this sexual expression

until the age of 38.

along the way

and since

i feel that my ability to

enjoy this expression.

or i should say completely lose myself in the pleasure of this expression,

has heightened.


other images

show way too much mr cowboy.

but here

me thinks you get the idea.





Throwback Thursday :: Lacey Light

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keeping with this #tbt thing.

these are classically early AN.

an example of  a beginning look





i am not throwing these into my lightroom software

merely because i want them to be what i knew at the time

but, i bet i could make that last shot in particular pop!!





•October 14, 2014 • 2 Comments

i asked him to clear off the kitchen table

i wanted to utilize the only natural light he had.

i had an idea in my head of what i wanted to capture

and these were not it.

as circumstances go,

this image taking led to other things

which i have to say were rather delicious,

until someone knocked on the door.


not good.

i love the reflection on the table

the determined mr cowboy

grabbing of.

me thinks that color works for this.

the third image with my arms bent up reminds me of something cellular – like a tadpole or an ameba of sorts, not sure why i think that or if that is even what i am trying to say but …

hopefully you get what i mean.

it looks odd

or funny.

IMG_4537 IMG_4536 IMG_4535 IMG_4534


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