Throwback Thursday :: Mirror Work

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throwback thursday

taken in 2009

mirror work

trimmed hair

less silver threads

shaved arm pits

less inner thigh flesh

different camera


IMG_3680 IMG_3701 IMG_3708

Foreplay Sky

•September 18, 2014 • 2 Comments

sometimes while driving i will set my camera to auto and randomly snap.

quite often i actually get an image that speaks to me

this particular evening i felt like i could not get to mr cowboys fast enough

the sky was so beautiful and so intoxicating

it was like foreplay.

granted these images are drive by’s

a blur of color


yet to me they hold onto that


i felt all the way there.

mr cowboy was new to my photography

and i was new to capturing

someone that seemed to be into me

this moment was brief

and very very tender.

as it seemed to always be with us

we were onto other things

rather quickly.

me thinks that if there was a drug called kissing.

i’d become addicted to it.

one of the many things i am deeply missing

is the kissing

18 days without now

i find it absolutely fascinating

how the mind holds onto certain details

that kissing him in my mind

makes my stomach do flip flops.

if i let myself think about it long enough

i tremble.


IMG_4279 IMG_4283 IMG_4290 IMG_4293 IMG_4296 IMG_4307

Skip In My Step

•September 16, 2014 • 6 Comments

ya know that indescribable skip in your step you get when someone says they really like you?

yeah …i love that.

spired me to wash windows that day!!

that’s pretty darn skippy!!

IMG_4230 IMG_4235

Miss This

•September 12, 2014 • 2 Comments

multiple dates in a row was not part of what i knew

weekends were the hardest before we met.

yup. i get to now do that weekend alone thing.



when i left for my residency,

he awaited my return.

another i didn’t know.

when i first began to photograph myself

i was the unknown

my parts

my curves

my hair

and when looking evolved

i asked myself

well gosh what does that look like?

a reveal of a breast

a gift someone sent me adorned.

self touch.

i was seeking to understand my appeal.

i see it.

if i am so f-ing appealing

what has me here.


by myself.


capturing mr cowboys and my kisses

was about seeing what tenderness and attraction looked like.

does this look as gorgeous as it feels.

this was maybe our 4th date, right after I returned.

we were still awkward.


the weather was shifting

as it is now,

a year-ish later.

this was early morning



and warm.


i miss this.


IMG_4190 IMG_4195-2 IMG_4205 IMG_4222




27 Years

•September 11, 2014 • 6 Comments

when i was 27

on this very day

i gave birth to a son

who today

turned 27.

just saying.

its amazing what details flood back


In The Mirror

•September 11, 2014 • 4 Comments

#tbt – 2009

in the old days

early AN.

i shot in the mirror.

i was thinner

and the collagen in my breast tissue

was still in full form

( sigh )

this is how it all began.

IMG_3495 IMG_3504 IMG_3551


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1201 posts here. thought it was worth a mention. i love the look of that number.



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